St Andrew's Church N10
Pre Primary Ballet Age 4 yrs + 
Tuesdays 4.30- 5.00pm
 11 week term
Primary Ballet  Age 6 yrs +
Tuesdays 5.00 - 5.30pm
 11 week term 
Grade 1 Ballet Age 7 yrs +
Tuesdays 5.30 - 6.15pm
 11 week term 
Grade 2 Ballet Age 9 yrs +(experience needed)
Tuesdays 6.15pm- 7.00pm
 11 week term  
Rhodes Avenue Primary N22
Infant Ballet + Modern  Year 1 - Year 2
Fridays 4.00pm-5.00pm
11 week term
(collection service from Rhodes Avenue. Classes at St Andrews)
Junior Ballet    Year 3 - Year 6
Thursdays 4.30pm- 5.00pm
10 week term
Grade 3 Ballet Age 10 + (experience needed)
Thursdays 5.30 pm - 6.45pm
10 week term
Campsbourne School N8
Imperial Ballet Reception - Year 2
Saturdays 9.00am
12 week term
Lauderdale House N6
Dinkie Ballet 2.5yrs - Reception 
Mondays 9.15am
10 week term COMING SOON
For further info or to register please get in touch via the contact page
All Fees are payable via BACS. Please contact us for further details


A note for Dinkie Dancers

If you'd like your child to try Ballet or Modern Dance we think you're making a great decision! 

If your child is 2.5 + years, pop along to one of our Dinkie sessions and see for yourself. We'll introduce you to our building where you'll find easy buggy and wheelchair access, baby changing facilities.

Our teacher & assistant  often like to say hello to the children and parents/carers before the group starts.   Most parents & carers stay in the waiting room and socialise and can even surreptitiously peak through into our beautiful classes.


Occasionally a parent may want to sit in the lesson especially if it is their first time; a child may just want to sit on the side and watch for a while before joining in. This is quite normal, just like dipping a toe in the water before submerging yourself fully. The children are very small and ballet is a new environment with lots going on.  When you're ready, tip toe out of the hall .


 Our teacher and assistant will gently encourage every child to choose a teddy and sit in a circle , play games and enter a world through storytelling , music and actions & props. But we never force a child to participate, knowing that confidence is built by encouragement and support and progressing at a child's own pace. Within a couple of sessions, children participate fully and are quickly encouraged to explore a wonderful world of culture , physical development and creativity.


But what to wear?   Initially we suggest bare feet with leggings/ shorts & T shirt. However lots of Dinkie ballerinas seize the opportunity to wear a tutu or fairy dress- as long as it's not  long or cumbersome we don't mind. Boys are highly regarded in the world of ballet and most welcome in all our classes. They initially wear shorts and T-shirts.

There is a small pop up shop in the waiting room at St Andrews Church N10, selling ballet shoes and uniform. Top Tips: Borrow from friends before buying; pre-order your ballet shoe size to avoid disappointment on the day. 

For your convenience, Dinkie Ballet also offers the option to *drop in & pay weekly!  But please register to let us know you are attending. This is ideal for those first tentative sessions. Please note that places are limited and offered on a first come first serve basis. If you prefer to secure your place you may wish to pay for a term.     


Please check there are places available in your chosen class before you pay!

Dinkie Ballet Pre School 2.5 yrs +

Mondays 9.15- 10.00am

 HIGHGATE COMING SOON! Please register your interest

Dinkie Ballet Pre School 2.5 yrs +

Tuesdays 4.00 - 4.30pm

11 week term    MUSWELL HILL

Register for classes now via the contact page

*Please check that there are spaces available in your chosen class before you pay!

*Drop in not available at Lauderdale House


*Private lessons and Audition Prep available on request

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