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Join our Competition Choreography class to work towards appearing in dance festivals and competitions.

You will receive specific and elite training to enable you to perform at a level suitable to your abilities, whilst ever pushing the possibilities and progress made . 

Audition Prep & Private Lessons

These one to one lessons help the student work towards a specific goal: 


*Audition for College, University or Dance School Entry

*Audition for an Assembly, Theatre or Film role

This term our students range from Primary school age to 19. However we can provide excellent professional coaching for any age.


We currently provide private lessons for dancers in our lower and upper school . This can be to: 


*Extend current knowledge or work undertaken in syllabus work by learning choreography and advancing technique


 * Gain advantage for examination entry

* Build confidence and receive specialist technique training bespoke to your ability and potential

* Simply for the love of dance

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London Institute of Dance, Competition
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To discuss your ambition or register for our competition & festivals team
Please message via the contact button
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