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Muswell Hill Performing Arts School Saints N10 Dance School

             Performing Arts


Muswell Hill School of Performing Arts is an independent, bespoke Performing Arts School offering drama, dance and singing tuition to 4 - 16 year olds in Muswell Hill.


Muswell Hill Methodist  Church, Pages Lane, London, N10 1PP

For further information please contact


07881 553480

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Saints N10 Dance School MuswellHill Performing Arts

MHSPA aims to offer every child a fun and enriching experience, whether they have aspirations to be on the West End, or whether they just want to have a great time after school.


MHSPA enrols 60 students in total and classes are split into 4 groups, based on age, so we are able to tailor the content and offer challenges and opportunities appropriate to their stage.


Because we are not a franchise, our programme adapts to and develops with the kids we have at the time.


We cater for working parents by offering local school pick-ups and a light tea, meaning kids can come straight from school and be in our care until 6:30pm


To find out more, check out Our Classes or Get In Touch!

Muswell Hill School of Performing Arts

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