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Ibiza Chill @ saints N10 Dance School
Ibiza Chill Girl @ Saints N10 Dance School
Ibiza Chill Teens Saints N10 Dance School

Ibiza Chill -

Teens Stretch,Tone & Strengthen

These unique sessions are created for young teens to de stress, unwind, and keep fit to the sounds of Ibiza and Chilled House.


Stretch & strengthen exercises are also ideal for every dancer needing to build strength and flexibility to prevent pain or injury.


We do not focus on body image or weight loss. No experience necessary.

*Glow in the dark winter sessions

*Take photos on our selfie beach

*Choose your playlist


 11 week course 

Wednesdays 5.00pm

Mondays 3.10pm

All payments are made via BACS. Please contact the London Institute Of Dance for more details

 A Free Trial may be available . Please contact us to book.

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