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        Imperial Ballet    07563 136 803     Central Venue - St Andrew's Church N10 2DD
Imperial Ballet with London Institute of Dance
Ibiza Chill Teens
Ibiza Chill Teens Fitness London Institute of Dance


Tap Dance with Saints
Contemporary Dance London Institute of Dance
Modern Dance London Institute of Dance

Pop Party Dance

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Competition London Institute of Dance
Teens London Institue of Dance

New Term Dates Spring 2022

Half Term Week Beginning Monday 13th February 2022

Tuesdays from 11th January - 29th March
Live @ St Andrews Church N10 2DD

Dinkie Ballet
Pre Primary Ballet

Primary Ballet
Grade 1 Ballet
Grade 2 Ballet

Wednesdays 12th January - 30th March

Dinkie Modern
Primary Modern
Teens Contemporary

Live @ Rhodes Avenue Primary N22 7UT 

Thursdays from 13th January - 31st March

Junior Tap
Junior Contemporary
Private Tuition Compete & Audition
Adult Tap Intermediates

Fridays 14th January - 25th March

Level 1 Ballet + Modern
Level 2 Ballet Tap + Modern

Live @ Campsbourne School N8 7AF

Saturdays 15th January - 26th March

Dinkie Ballet
Imperial Ballet 

Infant Tap 
Infant Modern 
Junior Contemporary
Musical Theatre Dance
Adult Tap Beginners
Private Lesson Compete & Audition


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